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YCP November Newsletter : Health & Gratitude

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Happy November to our dear club members!

A bit of an oxymoron, perhaps. November is tough. Shorter days, colder weather, susceptibility to sniffles and stomach bugs. But November is also an opportunity to cocoon, to slow down, to explore and discover new ways to keep your body and your mind healthy.

Naturally at Yoga Club Paris, one of our favourite ways to stay healthy is through ‘movement’

What better way to combat the stress of a 5pm sunset than with Anu’s Hatha Yoga or Cherie’s CoreFusion class? And on those nights it feels too cold and too dark to leave your apartment, you could join Jacqueline or Katarina’s online yoga class, granting yourself the pleasure of orchestrating your own zen space. Instead of reaching for too many cups of coffee to energise your morning, maybe start your day with Terre’s Rise and Shine yoga or Champ de Mars for some Bootcamp with Yulia (check our weekly schedule here).

Movement keeps the body healthy. It’s energising, endorphin-producing and allows your dear muscles to stay strong and flexible. Also - how great is it to not have your phone in your hand for a full hour?

At YCP, we put the highest value on mental, emotional and spiritual health

During November, the world celebrates Thanksgiving. A reminder to say thank you for all of the blessings in our life.

A reminder to change the thoughts from “have nots” to “haves,” from ‘shortage’ to ‘abundance,’ from ‘big’ to ‘small,’ from ‘apathy’ to ‘empathy.” A reminder to look around and find the things to be grateful for; the roof over my head, the clothes that keep me warm on cold days, the smile of my loved ones…. the list is endless.

Monthly Motivation : This month, we invite you to try incorporating a gratitude practice into your routine.

What does this look like? Every day at lunch, write a list of 3 things you are grateful for. Or every morning before you leave the bed say out loud 5 things you are grateful for. Or maybe every night before going to bed, call someone and discuss with each other 5 things that you are grateful for. Find the strategy that works for you that day.

What does this do? Come back to your diary at the end of the week/month or every now and then whenever you feel low. You will be surprised to find a strong support to prepare for those moments when it feels everything is falling apart. So instead of the mind jumping to: “Oh no it’s November and I’m cold and it’s dark and I hate everything…” perhaps it can settle on: “I’m so grateful I have a warm coat to protect me from the cold, I’m so grateful for electricity that lets me see at night, I’m so grateful to not be in quarantine this November.”

What’s new at YCP?

In order to express our gratitude for you, dear club members, we have a November gift: 10% off private classes with any of our team members. Choose the teacher & style that suits you best and book here: Thanksgiving Promo

We want to know: How else can we help you this month? Is there a workshop you’d be interested in attending, or a class you’d like to see on the schedule?

Stay healthy, stay grateful, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next class soon.

Happy November dear ones,

Your YCP Team

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