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Our Corporate Well-being Programmes

More than just a workout routine


Our holistic approach to well-being makes our programmes more than just a workout, more than just a yoga class, more than just a relaxing experience, and more than just stress management. We offer a complete programme for the long-term mind-body health of your team.

​What we offer

  • Yoga: One of the most effective ways to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve mindfulness. Our classes are designed to release muscle tension, build strength and flexibility and reverse the effects of sitting at a desk all day. 


  • Pilates: A holistic exercise that concentrates on strengthening the muscles of the body and building core strength. Pilates also builds flexibility with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine to improve body posture and awareness.

  • Mindful Power Pausing: If you don’t have time to leave the desk we have short sessions designed to help train the mind and body to balance the nervous system and energy levels. Learn new ways to use your pauses more powerfully.

  • Meditation and Breath-work (Pranayama): If you are looking for simple but effective tools to relieve stress and anxiety and at the same time enhance concentration and focus. These sessions would integrate breathing exercises and techniques (Pranayama) and meditation to strengthen the connection between mind and body. 


  • Holistic Workshops: Corporate workshops and team building events to support your team on various topics: health, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation. 


  • Wellness Retreats: Retreat packages (2-7 days) to recharge, re-connect, detoxify and re-energise the whole team.


Programmes are customisable to suit your specific needs and are delivered by our highly skilled team of experienced professionals at your workplace, outdoors or online. 


Keep your team healthy, focused and above all, connected!

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