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Happy New Year club members, and welcome back ! 🥂 

We know January can feel like the longest, coldest, and darkest month of the year.  While we might finally be on the right side of the winter solstice, the gray days, chilly temperatures, and rainfall can drag the body, mind, and spirit into a January Scaries Slump. ❄️ 

The YCP team encourages moments of rest and hibernation during the winter season, but we’re also excited to offer you some new classes and events to reawaken energy and joy.  Rather than deciding on a resolution you’ll forget about in two weeks, maybe get the year started with a goal to simply try one new thing before February. ⛄️ 

We’ve got a few ideas to highlight before the month ends that’ll be sure to cheer you up through spiritual growth, movement, and community: 🔥 

  • Winter Bliss - Cacao Ceremony - Yin Yoga - Sound Bath ☕️  (Back from your Favorite list)

  • Once again, join Jacqueline and Princess for an incredible winter experience at our "Winter Bliss" event. Imagine taking a soothing journey through gentle yoga poses and rejuvenating meditations, creating a sense of pure bliss within. This isn't just your regular yoga class—it's a carefully crafted escape into tranquility. By embracing the idea of doing less and cultivating more, you'll leave feeling not only refreshed but truly balanced and joyful. Picture carrying this newfound sense of bliss into the upcoming year, setting the stage for something extraordinary.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to cultivate your inner happiness. Reserve your spot now and let's embark on a journey to winter bliss together.

  • Sunday January 28, 16h30 - 18h30

  • Stage de Danse Bollywood 💃 (NEW!)

  • Let’s beat the winter and the stress of the rentrée with a 2 hour Bollywood dance class. It is all about fun, chill and having a great time. Let’s not forget that it will keep you in shape too ☺️ Come join Kiran for this exclusive stage that will allow you to immerse yourself and feel the true Bollywood vibe - colorful, vibrant, happy 😇

  • Sunday January 28, 16h - 18h

  • Movement & Mindfulness Yoga 🧘‍♀ (NEW!)

  • Ellen has a new online yoga session on the schedule. This class begins with an intention to focus the mind and heart space, then we’ll move through empowering vinyasa yoga to warm the muscles and build strength. Towards the end of the session we’ll transition into a slow flow focused on stretching to create space and flexibility. We’ll end with a mindfulness exercise such as pranayama, yoga Nidra, practicing meditation tools, etc. The class is accompanied by a carefully designed playlist and is fit for all levels. 

  • Thursdays 12h - 13h, online

New Year, New Partnership, New Fitness: Dance Bollywood with Kiran (Bollymooves)

Welcoming a new member into your YCP team. YCP has joined hands with Kiran from Bollymooves to bring Bollywood Dance direct from Mumbai (India) to right here in Paris! 

This will be your chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Bollywood dance like never before. A dance revolution that breaks free from stereotypes. His classes redefine the essence of Bollywood, fusing dynamic, uplifting routines with a blend of dance styles that is uniquely ours. A place where we transcend the traditional boundaries of classical dance forms, creating an electric atmosphere that’s both mainstream and distinctive. Expect an exhilarating journey that not only keeps you moving but also leaves you with a radiant smile. 

Jacqueline is back from break with online Vinyasa yoga and Anu is offering Hatha indoors on the weekends. 🗓️ 

All of our special events and weekly classes can be booked through the website.  And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s a certain type of event or class you’d love to see on our schedule 😊 

See you soon club members !

❤️ The YCP Team ❤️

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