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Feel the Power of Community

❤️ To our beloved YCP members ❤️

Believe us, we know how hard it is to maintain a regular yoga or general health routine when the sun sets this early, the rain falls this persistently, and the temperature continues to drop. 🥶

But, as we know, it’s this very yoga or health routine that’s helping to keep our spirits lifted during a season that can be challenging for so many of us. 🍁

While sometimes cozying up in bed with some hot tea and a favourite book is the antidote, other times it’s more beneficial to make sure you’re getting in that daily movement.

The YCP team has some tips on how to stay motivated: 💪

  • Bring a buddy. Having a friend come with you to class not only helps with accountability, but also can add a wonderful sense of community and connection to your workout routine. 👯‍♀️

  • Set a goal. It can feel super overwhelming to be hung up on the idea that you have to exercise every day. Instead of looking at the next few months of daily movement as a box to check off a list, start by setting small, accomplishable goals that you know you can reach. For example: this week I will practice yoga three times, this week I will do one online class in the comfort of my home and one class in a studio, during this month I will focus on gaining flexibility in my yoga classes. 🗓️

  • Notice how you feel after class. So often after class we’re scrambling to make dinner, to send off one more email, to return one of the phone calls we missed that morning. Before rushing onto the next activity after a yoga or fitness class, grant yourself some time to connect with how your body, mind, and spirit are feeling in that moment. How is the quality of your breath? How do your muscles feel? Did you gain any space in your heart? Connecting to these sensations will motivate you to want to recreate that feeling again and again. 🙏

We also have a couple Yoga Club Paris motivators available to you this fall: 🍂

  • Buy 4 get 1 free: Until the new year, enjoy this offer to purchase 4 of the same class type from each of our teachers and receive one class from the same instructor for free! 🧘‍♀️

  • Community Workshops & Events: We have a couple special workshops planned over the next few months, like Jacqueline’s Cacao Ceremony - Yin Yoga - Soundbath event at 15h15 on Sunday, November 27th. Join the community in relaxing, renewing, and connecting with gratitude. More details here. ❤️

And of course, we have our usual schedule of online and indoor class options for you to choose from : 🤸‍♀️

Stay warm dear club members! We hope to see you soon. 🥰

Have a wonderful weekend,

The YCP Team

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