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How to stay sane this Christmas

❤️ To our beloved YCP members ❤️

It’s here. The season. The one with all the lights and parties and things to buy. The one that can feel filled with love and joy and festivity but can also be anxiety-inducing, socially demanding, and exhausting. 😴

With all of the events and errands, plus a sun that sets at 17h, it can be really easy to let our self-care routines fall to the wayside. While it can feel like there isn’t enough time for our usual self-soothing activities, when we neglect them it allows the overwhelm to creep in faster and tenfold. 🥂

Maintaining a commitment to our habitual health practices, even during chaotic times of the year, especially during chaotic times of the year, ensures a much higher likelihood of staying stable, feeling grounded, and not lashing out at your coworker when she suggests YOU as this year’s company Christmas party organizer. 🎄

The YCP team has reminder of the rituals we can enact in order to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with ourselves and those around us during this chaotic season 👯‍♀️:

  • Alone time. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, the holidays demand an unusual amount of social engagements with people we don’t necessarily always interact with. Carving out space in your day to spend time alone, whether it’s under the covers with Netflix, in a yoga class, or simply stepping outside the event for five minutes to take a breath, can provide an opportunity to calm the nervous system and check in with how you’re feeling. 🫖

  • Gratitude. We suggest choosing a specific time where every day you can handwrite, type, or say out loud five things that you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s the coffee that got you to work on time, the fact that you’re great aunt finally didn’t ask about your relationship status, or your apartment where you are safe and warm. Big or small, the practice of gratitude shifts our mind to focus on what we do have instead of what we don’t have. 🙏

  • Noting thoughts and feelings. The practice of noting is a great meditation technique. It allows us to create space between the thought or feeling we experience and the subsequent emotion and reaction we attach to it. While sitting still in a comfortable seat with the eyes closed for a few minutes, observe each inhale and exhale. Each time a thought or emotion arises, note it, name it, and practice returning the awareness to the breath rather than staying attached to that emotion. When we learn to observe the thoughts that lead to guilt, shame, anger, sadness, anxiety, we are able to create some space between ourselves and that thought, and therefore better control our reactions towards others.🧘‍♀️

YCP is here to support you this season as well.

Last month’s Cacao - Yin Yoga - Sound Bath Afternoon with Jacqueline went so well we’ve added another session to the schedule! This Sunday December 11th at 15h30 join us for this relaxing and rejuvenating experience. ❄️Last spots available here

We’re also excited to offer a Festive Promo Deal: 20% off a private class with one of our experienced teachers! Send us an email to sign up before the new year : 💪or book via our website

And of course, we have our usual schedule of online and indoor class options for you to choose from : 🤸‍♀️

Stay warm dear club members! We hope to see you soon. 🥰

Happy holidays,

The YCP Team

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