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Happy new year club members!

We’re halfway through January folks 👏 👏 👏

If you didn’t stick to your New Year Resolution, that’s okay. We don’t recommend sizing up your entire year and putting unreasonable pressure on yourself just because the calendar changed a number. If you’re fed up with winter, that’s okay. It’s cold and dark and the holiday party is over, it’s HARD to transition back to “regular” life. If you’re fed up with the Covid situation, that’s okay. This unprecedented situation carries with it emotional turmoil, fear for loved ones and a lot of new rules we’re all trying to get used to - it’s understandable to be simply sick and tired of it.

What we’re trying to say is - we’re here to help you ride the emotional roller coaster that is January 2022.

Yoga Club Paris aims to create community through our offerings. During a time when we may not be able to see as many people as we’d like, we hope to curate a space where you can experience that sense of togetherness.

So we’d like to introduce a new offering this January : POD YOGA

What this means : Perhaps you and your roommate, a group of friends, or family members are choosing to avoid public spaces but still want to enjoy a rejuvenating (and immunity boosting!) yoga or workout class together.

The YCP teachers are available for private sessions in your home, or if you’re not afraid of the 🥶, the park ! You choose your group, your space, and let us know what would be your ideal class to help you get through January 😉 Request your POD YOGA here.

Of course if you prefer cozying up in your personal yoga shala (we recommend lighting candles, turning off your phone, creating the ideal nook for your practice), our schedule has plenty of online classes to choose from. We also continue to offer indoor yoga & dance classes, and for anyone willing to profit from the fresh air 🥶, bootcamp is still happening outside !

As always - please let us know what classes you’d like to see on the schedule. We’re thrilled to be here as our community’s support through January.

See you soon dear club members,

The YCP team

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