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New Year, New Opportunities

❤️ To our beloved YCP members ❤️

Happy New Year! 🎆

The party’s over and as we’re attempting to avoid the back-to-work-blues and settle into old, or new, routines, we’re inundated with reminders of New Year Resolutions, New Year New Me pressures, and the ad campaigns promising to get you there. 💥

While for some this feels motivating, for others it can be overwhelming, uninspiring, and like just ANOTHER stress to add to the list. 🤦‍♀️

Instead of grandiose goals you have to spend the year achieving, the YCP team has some suggestions for daily, totally manageable targets. Rather than starting the year with an unbearable burden, why not start the day with an intention to actually help yourself feel better by making attainable achievements? 🧘‍♀️

And then, you might notice, after enough days in a row of meeting these goals that improve your health and mental state, you’re way more prepared to make and meet those resolutions that require more focus and energy. 💪

So, here are three completely doable, low stakes, no pressure NYE resolutions to meet daily (or every other day, or once a week, or whatever feels best for you):

  • Take three deep breaths - Yes, this is a new year’s resolution. It’s incredible how often we forget to breathe, how our already amped nervous system reacts to not getting enough oxygen. How just three breaths can inspire a deep and long lasting sense of calm. Remembering to do so is a practice. 🌬

  • Write down three things you're grateful for - This takes a bit more time and energy, but a daily practice of gratitude shifts negative thoughts about scarcity and lack to positive ones of appreciation and fulfillment. 🙏

  • Do three rounds of cat and cow - Sure, you can resolve to work out an hour a day every day for a year. But often when we set these types of goals, as soon as we miss one day, the whole thing falls apart. What if instead, your movement goal was three rounds of a cat to cow flow every other day? It’s a beautiful movement practice that creates a connection to the breath, awakens muscles, and inspires space in the spine. Who knows, if you start here, maybe it becomes three rounds every day, and then five minutes of yoga a day, and then before you know it you’ve made it to an hour a day because you want to, rather than trying to force yourself to. 🐈 🐄

YCP is here to support you whether or not you’ve decided to make or stick to a resolution. We’re super excited to offer another community workshop on Saturday, January 15th. During Anu’s Prana Flow - Sound Bath, we will be exploring and witnessing the power of all five prana with a soothing sound bath in order to find our balance and calmness from within. Last spots available here. 🔔

And of course, we have our usual schedule of online and indoor class options for you to choose from. 🤸‍♀️

As always, feel free to reach out to us with ideas on how we can better support you daily, weekly, and for this whole new year to come: 📧

We hope to see you soon. 🥰

Happy New Year,

The YCP Team

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