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Bring back JOY

❤️ To our beloved YCP members ❤️

How was your summer?! The YCP team had a great time travelling, resting, catching up with loved ones…

and we hope you did too. 🏖

Now, we know what’s arriving. The anticipation is building, the Sunday Scaries sensation is creeping in, the unchecked inbox is looming on the horizon. La Rentrée is here. 🍁

Remember, it’s not the fact that it’s La Rentrée that’s causing us discomfort, it’s our reaction to the event. We know it can be a challenging and demanding transition, but the YCP team has some suggestions for gently easing your mind, body, and soul back into the game. 💪

  • Bring back joy. Even when we’re on the commute, in the office, or dropping into bed at the end of a long day, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate joy. Whether that’s stopping by your favorite bakery for a warm morning croissant, messaging a friend about a wonderful summer memory, or writing a list of things you’re grateful for during your lunch hour, curate those small moments of being present in the joy that’s always within you, ready to be accessed. 🤩

  • Try something new. It can feel constricting and overwhelming to re-engage with the same old routine we’d left behind at the beginning of the month. This fall, challenge yourself by trying something new every week, every weekend, perhaps every day. Maybe it’s a yoga class you’ve never tried before, changing up your commute route, or striking up a conversation with a new colleague. Learn to create your own sense of novelty. 🧘‍♀️

  • Stay on vacation. How can we cultivate that serenity we experience when we’re relieved from the pressure of constant screen time, instantaneous responding, and a full schedule? YCP will transport you back to nature with our park classes through September, allow you to recreate your favorite vacation moment with the scents, lighting, and music you’ve chosen as you enjoy one of our online classes, or get yourself to the studio where you can put that phone on airplane mode for a full hour as you relax into a safe space. 😎

This fall, we encourage you to observe your reaction to this year’s La Rentrée. Notice stress and nostalgia and overwhelm that may arrive, but then practice finding the ways to let go of those monkey mind feelings. 😮‍💨

We know it’s not always easy. YCP is dedicated to support you with a class schedule where you can strengthen those mind muscles as you determine to maintain joy, peace, and novelty this month. 🙏

Finally, be sure to keep an eye out for our September Open Day event on our Instagram (@yoga_club_paris) or Facebook! Also follow to stay updated with our outdoor, online, and indoor class schedule. Shoot us an email at if you have any schedule requests. 📧

Be gentle with yourself this Rentrée, and we hope to see you on the mat soon. 💕

The YCP Team

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